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Blog image 03 Ex Libris!

27th June 2018

Do hope that you’re enjoying this glorious summer. “Storm Hector” notwithstanding!

As promised herewith are the details about “ROMA” the book I have long been working on, which has gone out on Amazon Kindle this month: circa June 2018. You shall find the cover and blurb at the end of this post. Because there was a cold war raging.. READ MORE

Blog image 01“She Moved In Through the Fair” Autumn Blog 2017

24th Nov 2017

Do hope you had a wicked Halloween, and a cracker of a Guy Fawkes Night! The latter of which my youngest girl and I spent down on Whitley Bay Links, watching the fireworks display from amid the crowds at the funfair there.. READ MORE

Blog image 02 Summer Blog, 2017

19th Aug 2017

Afraid it might be a tad presumptuous to say All; for one’s had it on undoubtedly sound advice, that for a blog to be viable, one’s to maintain a seriously dedicated presence thus for anyone to be aware of its existence. So albeit that the role of the Phantom Of The Opera’s.. READ MORE