The War Cry

I joined the Salvation Army church

When I, was almost seven.

And got stars on my card and pats on my head

And the promise of glory in heaven.


But when asked what brought a meek little child

Like me, to the ranks of God’s Army

On answering, gospel truthfully

The holy Major went balmy.


And I then was given my marching orders

In front of the gasping congregation.

The holy Major and his officers

Talking of sin and abomination.


And all the while I tried to smile

A good bye, to everyone.

Inwardly wondering with a tear-welling eye


God didn’t ‘gived me a tambouwine wived wibbons on.’


Then a neighbour took me to, the Gospel Hall

On advice that I shut my ‘tiny mooth’;

And on asking if the Pentecostals, asked why ‘I comed’

Daddy laughed when I told him, the truth.


So welcomed into, the Gospel Hall

Whose acceptance (Daddy said) was courageous,

I got a picture-card in my bible, and told to stand on my chair

And sing loud the hymn, Rock of Ages.


Wock of ages pway for meee

Let me hide myself in thee..

Be oh sin a double cure

Safe fwom wath and maked me pure......’



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