Wonderful Life

When the day came and I’d a child of my own, he was the world and the stars to me

And to lose him three short months later, was my private Calvary!

The offer of a funeral on ‘installments’, albeit likely kindly meant

Wasn’t what I’d envisioned for a little prince whom to me was, heaven sent.


Having barely a brain-cell left to me now, I didn’t have much to offer nursing

But an actor before I was anything, a job interview I got to rehearsing.

And getting the post on my merits, after telling the bare-faced truth to my employer

I donned the apron and cap of my uniform, in a hospital down in Hertfordshire.


Where in no time I was christened ‘Nurse Sunshine’, for the barrel-of-laughs I’d instill

Among the patients who were paraplegics, the bedridden and terminally ill.


Just enough moneys earned to buy Dignity, sans farewell to the patients I resigned

Having bluffed capability for the duration of one month, going before being foiled was kind.


A colleague paraphrased: ‘Nurse Simpering Sunshine’ and my perceived ‘wonderful life’ would deride

And no one (but one) knowing the truth, I caught the train back to Tyneside.


Nurse sketch by Beth 'TOAD' Danby



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